“Have a good look.” She said. “Tell me, what do you see?”“Your pussy Mistress.” I replied.“Mmmm…not quite. You are looking at what controls you, every time you remember this view you will have an erection that belongs to me. You will not relieve yourself ever. But you will take note of how many times you think of my pussy and ass, and you will tell me. I promise when I have finished, you will think of me more often than you can imagine.”I gazed almost endlessly at her perfect sex.“Now, I am going to make your little friend cum, and give your face some of my pussy. When you are about to cum, raise your left hand, ok.” Unable to speak I nodded in agreement. She lowered her pussy onto my nose and face and placed the vibrator onto the end of my gusset-covered shaft. This was wicked and within thirty seconds I was ready to explode. With my face now soaked, I gave her the signal that she had been waiting for and with that she moved up and impaled her sex onto my nose and began grinding. He had a great body. But these hallucinations were too real.“Suit yourself,” Jake sait. His clothes had reappeared at some point. “Let me know if you need anything though.”“Thanks babe,” she said and went back to her romance novel.Jake came back with a glass of icewater, sitting on the couch and once more watching his show. As he sat there she couldn’t help but steal a glance in his direction now and then. The third time she did it though… there it was again! His body and that wonderfully large cock standing up, looking right at her. And this time he was even stroking it!Sarah put her book down in her lap and stared at her husband. His clothing reappeared and he looked at her. “You alright? You’re staring.”“Yeah, I just thought I saw something… nevermind.”Sarah tried to go back to her book, she really tried. But she just kept seeing it out of the corner of her eye: Jake naked with a gorgeous hard-on in his hand. Was she obsessed or something? Sure, she used to be all about fucking.
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