”Of course, that took me back over the top and I started shaking and jerking about again.Lisa had stepped back too, and all 3 of them just watched me as I shook and jerked for a few more seconds before going back to my original pose.“So,” Allison said, “can I interest you in some of our ‘Strings Only’ range like the mannequin is wearing?”They went and had a good look, and left with a small bag with about £60 worth of string in it.“I wonder if that James bloke wondered if the mannequin had a Cherry then?” I asked Allison when we were next alone.SchoolSchool has been okay, I’m still wearing the crotchless tights to go to, and come home from school then taking them off as soon as I get there. I’ll be glad when the weather gets good enough for me to put the tights into a drawer to forget until next winter.I’m still flashing some of the teachers, it’s great watching the shape of the front of their trousers change as they stare at my exposed pussy. I don’t know if I’m getting better grades. ‘Perfect,’ April said, laying on her enormous bed and stretching out luxuriously. ‘Now, if he can do what he needs to do, I’ll get what I want.’ ‘Of course he will,’ Myra laughed. ‘She’s such a slut.’ April disconnected the call and threw the earpiece across the room. She took a few deep breaths to relax, and then smiled at her ceiling, imagining their trap and how things would be after it had been sprung. As the details ran through her mind, April’s fingers slipped under her waistband and to her pussy, which was becoming more and more excited. She closed her eyes, imagining the things they were going to do, and she gasped as she touched herself, her fingertips instantly becoming wet. Book One – Part Three The Date Jason was supposed to be arriving soon to pick Kimber up for their date. He’d said they were going to eat, then a movie, and then some dancing if time permitted. She was excited and wanted to make a good impression, to get back into the group of people she had mostly.
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