" Kent asked for the phone,"Mr. and Mrs. Benson, thank you so much for Shay. There will be an engagement party at some point. I'd be honored if you both would attend."Lillian asked, "What would we wear?" Mamma, I'm sure it will be fancy and all, we'll go shopping, get Daddy a tux and all." They chatted a short while longer, then Shay asked Kent to take her upstairs."Just don't cut me with that thing." They scampered up to Kent's bedroom. At the table, William and Lily heard them on the stairs and smiled at each other. In the bedroom, then stripped, then stood together as if hearing a slow dance, circling each other, taking in the person they were committing to. Admiring the person they would be dedicated to, then Kent scooped up Shay and lay her across his bed."I have the easy part. Committing to you, to all this. Since I first saw you last year I knew I couldn't be without you. He moved onto the bed and hovered over Shay, kissing her everywhere then locking in an embrace, they're. Twice,” I pointed out, frustrated.“Well, don't worry about the Simons of the world. In this bikini, plus the other outfits you got today, the Adams of the world will be trying everything to get inside your joy-hole,” Tiffany predicted, her hand tracing my back.Her touch felt so weird. It was actually stirring weird feelings as my pussy began to tingle and I knew I had to change before I got the bikini bottom wet even before I bought it.I scoffed, turning away, “Unlikely.”Tiffany walked around in front of me and said, “Eve, you’re a beautiful woman with a great body and a sweet personality. You’re a catch for any guy.” She leaned in and kissed me gently on the lips, “Or any girl.”Any girl? What the hell was that supposed to mean? And what was up with that kiss? My entire being burned as her soft lips, my first girl kiss, so much softer than the spin the bottle guys, sparked another fire inside me.I couldn't believe the head cheerleader and my brother’s girlfriend was kissing me,.
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