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She responded by spreading her thighs such that her lower legs were now dangling on either side of the massage table. Then I began to massage her inner lips. She was getting hotter and hotter. I asked: ‘Do you want me to take you to orgasm?’ She nodded and brought her hands together in a gesture that I interpreted as saying: ‘please.’ I slipped one finger into her vagina. No maidenhead but one finger was stretching her. I found myself thinking: ‘Another hymen lost to tampons and vigorous exercise.’ I began to gently caress her clitoris. She was a firecracker. Finally, she exploded in an amazing display of orgasmic delight. When she got her breath back she said: ‘I’ve climaxed many times but that was the best climax I’ve ever had.’ I asked: ‘Were the others all masturbation?’ She nodded. I said: ‘Orgasms tend to be more intense when you have help.’ She sat up and looked down. She exclaimed: ‘Oh my gosh. How long has that been out.’ I answered: ‘Since you rolled over. It was getting. A large bubble of pre-come had collected at the tip. I continued to lick and lick.By now her hand was lightly grabbing my hair. In addition, my mother was lubricating obscenely, and wetness was actually coming out onto my tongue when I occasionally scooped it down to enter her vagina. The salty taste was wonderful and sweet. After minutes, I rose to my feet, and helped her sit up, her eyes still closed. Tilting her head to one side, and lowering myself slightly, I brought the tip of my monstrously swollen penis to her lips. I was curious to see what she would do with it.Surprisingly, she began to lick the head in a circle, and after a while began to dip down with increasingly deep strokes to the base. She continued to moan during this, and squatting slightly, I managed to get my finger to her still wet clit to continue the circular action. I never would have believed that my Mom could give such a wonderful slow blow-job, including pretty much a deep throat. On the grass, it felt.
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