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There must have been at least 50 people at the party and most were A and B list movie and TV stars. It was really exciting and we were told to act sexy, but not as slutty as we did for the porn parties. I got introduced to a handful of stars that I had actually seen in movies and on television. It was nice to talk with them as a normal person and they even had questions for me regarding the porn movies I made. Halfway through the evening I was sitting with two A list movie actors, having a drink and smoking a cigarette while we laughed and joked. One of them asked if I partied and I told him yes, then all three of us went into a private room where we smoked some pot and one of the stars pulled out a vial of cocaine. We were really having fun and it wasn’t to long after we had begun our little private party that I was naked and dancing with them. They were very handsome guys and at the time, pretty big stars. Both of them had done a couple of major action movies and after a few stoned. I found myself always looking my best whenever around her. I always sat near her in the service in case she had problems or questions regarding cues when to play.After choir practice on Wednesday nights a few of us would always stop at the local tavern for a few beers. It was strictly a platonic thing where we discussed politics, religion, told jokes and that was the extent of it; it was all very innocent. I asked Carol if she would like to join us and she said "sure" so she became a part of our group. One night after practice just a few of us went to the tavern as the others were out of town or had things to do the next day. It was Carol, myself and my friend Pete who showed up. We sat and shot the breeze as we were having a few beers. Pete said that he had to go the bathroom. As soon as he left the table there was an awkward silence between Carol and myself. Finally she said to me, "I know you're attracted to me." I just stared at her and couldn't find any words to say. Then she.
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