Mallu Aunty Love Scandal 001

“No!” Aarushi yelled. “Stop!”The woman, interrupted, looked up at Aarushi with the wildest eyes Aarushi had ever seen. “Did you want to join us?” the woman asked with a wicked grin.Even as the rain came down over the woman’s long black hair, over her plush lips and her large breasts, the woman looked sexy. Aarushi had never seen a female form look so inviting, or lips look so luscious. Aarushi had never thought she could be drawn to a woman, but this wet brunette exuded a sexual chemistry that was hard to resist. Aarushi could understand why Matthew was willing to fuck her even in the rain and even knowing the punishment that would follow. This town was full of informants and security cameras, but a woman like this could make a man forget the risks.Frightened by her own arousal, Aarushi turned and ran back to the cabin, followed by several others. Only Don remained to help their buddy. The rest would never see Matthew or Don again.In the safety of their cabin, Aarushi asked, “Who was. She gave blowjob foe around ten minutes which gave me an immense pleasure and I cummed on her face. It’s time for my show and tasted her oozing juices passing my tongue through her vagina lips slitting her vagina wide open and fucking her with my tongue. She started moaning” umm yum come on , I want more .” she whispered in my ear ” I saw you in party itself , I came to terrace to see you .” that’s it my heart pounded and felt great. I hugged her sitting on bed and she made me laid on bed and laid beside me saying ” I felt like you are the only one who can cool down my lava which was erupting from 3 years.” I pounded her from side and she started moaning loudly .“I want more , I want more.” I fucked her in every style and after that she lied on my arms saying , “This is my actual first night.” it was almost 4:45 pm and her husband will come home by 5:30. We were not having much time so we didn’t go for next round and moreover , we don’t wanna get caught by her husband. We shared our.
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