Indian Aunty Huge Ass Part 2

It keeps cutting in and out." Let's see what we can do," I responded as I kneeled down in front of the CPU on the floor. Karen sat back down in her chair right behind me and placed her hands on my shoulders. She started to massage my neck with her fingers."Are you busy tonight?" Uh, no," I stammered. Since I was still kinda new to the area I hadn't met anyone."Can I see you?" Are you sure it's okay?" I nodded at her ring finger."Oh, look, I'm married but it's just on paper. Thomas and I are really just friends. We haven't even slept together in years." Okay, sure. Where would you like to go?" Your place."That evening I was eager to meet with this raven-haired beauty. Around 6:30 the doorbell rang. Karen was there, dressed in jeans that outlined the shape of her ass and a pink polo shirt. I barely had the door open when she grabbed me around the neck and started passionately kissing me."Bedroom," she murmured between kisses, "now."I didn't have to be told twice. She lifted her legs. "Do you think I am pretty sexy for Jerome tonight?" You look wonderful" I said, adding I did not know she was dating Jerome that night. "I have told you, sweetie… I need a huge black cock inside me tonight”Then she whispered in my ear "I have left my panties off so he can fuck me quicker".I thought of begging her not to go, but I knew it was useless."Please, do not wait for me up” She shouted on her way out."I will not be home until morning. Jerome will fuck me all night long, you know…”I could not get a calm sleeep that night. The thought of my sweet Ana in Jerome’s bed, fucking in all positions made me feel even sicker than I was…I spent a real long night absolutely awake and about eight in the morning, I heard the front door open and Ana coming up the stairs singing happily."Hello my sweet cuckold" Ana laughed "I see you feel better now”It was not true at all, I was even worse from the cold, but I wanted to know about her night out from home.“Well, I had a wonderful night with my.
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