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I went to the café at 5 pm. And texted Ritesh that I have reached the café. Ritesh said that they left home and will reach in 10 minutes. I ordered a coffee and was looking out for them. I saw a hot woman got down from the car.She was in a white top and blue jeans and perfect shape and looked like a model. Then she came and called me. I was shocked to see her. She was a bombshell. And she came and said, “Hi, I am Smita,” and gave me a light hug. I introduced myself.Ritesh came after parking the car. We three were having the usual conversation sipping coffee. Ritesh gave an idea, “Why don’t we go for a small ride?” I parked my bike near the cafe and joined them for a ride. Then we took a drive just a few km outside Bangalore.Smita made Ritesh stop the car and came back, sat with me. She told Ritesh to dive slowly, and we started kissing each other. I just removed her top and started sucking her tits. She was moaning like, “Ahh, Maddy.”She slowly unzipped my pants and took my hot dick,. It was quite a turn on watching Trish give a blow job to that huge dick. She worked the entire member, first wrapping her soft pouty lips around just the head, while putting the tip of her tongue firmly into the pee hole until she licked a drop of peecum out, playing with a long thread of it. During this she would tug and squeeze his swollen balls. Then she'd bob up and down on the shaft fast for a good long while. Barbara kept whispering in my ear, as she stuck her tongue in my ear, "Look at Trishs mouth wrapped around his big cock as it slides in and out, with his balls slapping her face. You like it? Doesnt seeing her suck another man's cock turn u on? " Next she started kissing me putting her tongue down my throat like it was a cock. Trish grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled slowy until his cock was all the way in to deep thoat him. She controlled the movement by pulling his ass and balls making him ram it down her throat good. I couldn't believe she took it completely in! When he.
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