Girlfriend First Time Striptease In Outdoor

So I didn't feel spooked at the plate. But -- two hits in six games? That ain't good, Fred. That ain't good at all!What could this hippie-type chick do for me? Maybe nothing, but I was sure eager to find out. If she wanted me to microwave the family jewels, I was ready to try it if it would help me out of this slump.Well, I got a damned answering machine at Sandy's place and the frustration levels were going off the charts. The next day was an open date, and I wanted to see Sandy right away. What if she didn't call me back?I called her again fifteen minutes later and left a second message on her machine. This time, I made it very clear that she should call me back at any hour.She did. She called me back at 12:25 a.m."Didn't go too well on the road, huh?" Didn't go well at all." Sorry to call you so late. Your message said..." You did the right thing. I was still awake, and I was still hoping you'd call back tonight." So wadadaya wanna do?" Sandy asked."I. Well, I want you to do --. There was a little of this before he slipped his hand under my cheeks and pushed me up a little saying, “You know the position my dear…over my lap, head to the left.” I rose and obeyed him, over his lap, hands on the floor, legs straight out behind me then relaxed them so that my toes were touching the floor. His hand slipped up my legs under the skirt then he raised it bundling it up around my waist.As he pulled the panties up good and tight I felt an all-over tingle of fear as goose bumps exploded on my thighs and backside…he rubbed my cheeks a little then there was the inevitable first smack. A good stinging smack right across the center of my one cheek! That was followed quickly by a second one…then another, then lower where there was no protection. He knew what he was doing all too well! The spanking continued as he turned my backside into a stinging, tingling mass of pain that wrapped both cheeks. There was a little break as he took time to pull my panties down then he started.
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