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She covered her mouth and giggled and hobbled back to her father and younger sister who thought nothing of it. Preston moved the arms and legs of the action figure so that the thing lay flat on his tray. Bashfully the little girl turned around a couple of times to see if he played with her toy. To her delight, Preston moved the action figure into the air to simulate its flight into outer-space. The little girl giggled, and to Preston’s own astonishment, so did he.When he got home, he found a message from Claude Carolina on his machine. His heart leapt when Claude left his number. Despite his impatience, things were moving in the right direction. Preston quickly returned the call. Claude’s mother answered the phone, and she yelled out Claude’s name into the deep of the house. Then there was shuffling in the background.“Hello,” said Claude on the other end. He sounded like he just woke up.“Hope I didn’t wake you.”“Who’s this?”“It’s Preston Whitcomb. From last night.”“Yeah. I. Her long brown hair was around her head looking like a crown. She was so young and as she lay there, she looked like a princess.As B tried to sleep, he kept waking up every time she moved against him or away from him. She was moving and shifting and had dropped her hand off of his which was still holding her tit. He was now pressed against her tightly. She pushed a little trying to get even tighter against her lover. She kept sighing and mumbling in her sleep.B now moved and pulled her tighter still against his body. Her nipple was pressed into the palm of his hand. It was stimulated and so was he, His cock was getting hard. He squeezed her tit and she wiggled her ass and again then she sighed. She like it. K reached up and again took her hand and cupped his hand over her tit. She squeezed his hand and it squeezed her tit again, and then again. Every few seconds she squeezed or he squeezed her right breast. It was nice.B wasn’t sure if she was sound asleep or in a twilight or awake..
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