Purple Head Tasty Pussy

They are going to fuck you either way. But if they knew that if you said no to something it meant no… and if you told them only one or two a day. Everyone would get the relief they need and maybe life would go on… if we tried to fight, I would of course but I will lose. And you will be taken and used far worse than option one. I do not want you hurt. I can live with you being fucked. But I can’t live with you being hurt.”She looked at me for a long, long time. “Arthur, how long do I have before they come for us?”I would say a day, maybe two. But I would probably say they will get together on this by tomorrow night.“Tell everyone tomorrow morning I wish to address them. tell them please.” Her voice was resigned and flat. I looked at my wife as I continued to hold her. She kissed me. Then she looked at me straight in my eyes and told me. “You can have me tonight. But when those other men start fucking me tomorrow morning. I am going to be fucking only them….” there was no hesitation in. I knew she was relying on me to keep her from doing something she might regret later. It was still possible that she might step over the line with Bud, but I could at least give her another outlet for her erotic energy.I went around to the sofa and pulled Bambi down between Janice and me. I pulled one hand away from her nipple and replaced it with my mouth. She responded by using her hand to stroke my pussy and rub my engorged labia.When Bambi added her fingers to the cluster that Janice was stuffing between her legs, Janice slid over and joined me at Bambi's other nipple. Janice latched on and sucked while both she and Bambi continued to finger-fuck her bright pink pussy.In this awkward position, neither Janice nor I could watch the show on the table, but Bambi could, and did. Her reactions gave us plenty of information as to how Connie was doing. I put a hand between her legs and they instantly flew apart to welcome my attention. She was so wet I could easily get three fingers.
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