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Licking his lips, Swag kisses Feline back, knowing they only have a little time before the doors open for the night. Lifting Feline on to the bar and pushing her back gently, Swag slowly kisses down her sexy ass to her sweet juicy pussy lips. Spreading her open, he licks her up and down before sticking his tongue deep inside her. She moans softly, moving firmly against his mouth. Swag licked her deeply, spreading Feline’s lips further and flicking her nub with his tongue. Sniffing her essence, he then shoves his face closer in to her sweet smell. Feline’s hands grasp the sides of the bar tightly as she trembles in pleasure, wiggling her ass closer as Swag tongues her. His cock twitches through his dress pants, aching to have her right at that moment. Looking at the clock on the wall, Swag knows he has very little time left before the club opens. He unzips himself, freeing his stick as it bounces out, hard and ready. Slides up her back kissing it as he goes up, he settles between her. I have a feeling I’m going to be having more time to spend on some kind of project, now that my rehab is on track. Her next screen play is just the first of those projects. If it’s like the last one, it will make me crazy, but it will keep my mind active,” I explained.“Yeah, Yeah, you just like having a younger woman fawning all over you,” she said.“I like having you around sure, but none of you fawn,” I contradicted her.“Right,” she said. “Well you might be seeing more of me. She emailed me last night. She sent me your new schedule. You don’t really believe she will stick to that, do you.”“She is going to have to stick to it. I am going to enforce it this time,” I explained.“Good luck with that. By the way Effie is coming by to oil a desk. I never heard that one before,” Mica suggested.“She and Jon rebuilt Janet’s desk. You know the one I built with cinder blocks and shelving. They rebuilt it with scraps from the project they worked on. I guess she is going to put a.
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