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The black-haired girl face had steadily getting redder and redder but when the blonde had mentioned her weight, she just lost it."Excuse me?! I'll have you know that I'm WAY lighter than you! And even if I do look a little pudgier, and I'm NOT saying that I am, I a certainly NOT A PIG! I am a LADY, and would never allow myself to devour anything unlike yourself!!" She yelled, her chest heaving.I looked at the blonde and was surprised to see that she looked near tears. The Black-haired girl noticed as well and immediately began to tightly hug the slightly smaller girl, apologizing profusely. It was only when she looked into the blonde's orangish eyes did she notice that the impish blonde was shaking with laughter."Oh my gosh!" She said wiping the tears of mirth from her eyes, "The looks on your faces was priceless!" she continued to laugh until she was holding her stomach and more tears were streaming from her eyes.The black haired girl waited stoically until most of the giggles had. Now most guys including me have fantasized about their wives or girl friends being a topless dancer and even a porn star. The thought of this happening was always quite a turn on for me, and the thought for her was equally so. Key word here thought. She had given just enough thought about this, to where she had found the perfect place. It was in one of the unincorporated sections between the city and the county and was, so she thought, far enough away so that no one she knew, especially her mother would not find out, and besides it would only be part time. I had told her that she would never go through with applying for a job like this let alone actually dance topless in front of a bunch of strange men. This comment only seemed to make her want to prove that she could do it. Now you have to understand that my girl even though she was in her early 20s, was still very naively innocent, and only looked at this like many of the other things we did, in that it would be an enjoyable and.
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