He told himself it was to help find the owner of the phone, but really it was just a chance to poke around in someone else’s phone. As proof that he just wanted to snoop in someone else’s phone, the first thing he did was look at the pictures. Grabbing a bottle of water out from under the counter Brian started surfing through the pictures. Mostly there were pictures of teenage girls making goofy faces at the camera but just as he took a drink he came across a picture that almost made him spit the mouthful of water across the room. On the screen in front of him was a picture of an extremely cute Latina with long dark hair and no top. It was obviously self-shot since he could see her arm in the corner of the screen as she held the camera in front of her. The next picture got even better as the camera moved low enough that to show her small patch of trimmed pubic hair. “We’re closed,” Brian said without taking his eyes off the girl in the picture as someone knocked on the door. When the. Aria Montgomery was a brunette, and a gifted musician, writer and photographer. She had small boobs, but an ass to make up for it. She was dating a writer named Ezra, who just happened to be her former English teacher.Emily Fields was part Irish, German, Filipino, Korean and Scottish. She was a brunette lesbian, who had an amazing ass, great tits, and a toned body from years of competitive swimming. As previously mentioned, she had a secret relationship with Ali, her best friend/lover.Hanna Marin, the other blonde of the group, had been chubby throughout middle school. However, she began religiously working out after 9th grade, and by January of Sophomore year, she could've challenged Ali for the title of hottest in the grade. She had huge tits, an amazing ass, and had a reputation for giving great blowjobs. She had just gotten out of a relationship with a guy named Caleb, and wasn't really interested in getting with anyone else.Mona Vanderwaal had been the shy, lonely nerd for years..
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