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I caught a glimpse of beads of light sweat rolling off her face and the blue leotard hugging her figure, encircled by a tutu adorned with sequins and feathers. "Where's my costume?" Kate asked loudly, "I need to get changed for the next scene!"I was sitting in front of a mirror. My make up artist told me to smack my lips together. Then she'd finished. My reflection showed big bright blue patches drawn over my eyes and fake black eyelashes pointing outwards making me look like an overdone doll. I looked ugly and beautiful at the same time. "Its hanging up on the other side of the dresser" The make-up artist said.Kate went around to the other side and I heard her fishing around through some plastic bags that were hung up over a rail. "I guess I better go and do some warm ups" I announced. I was feeling a little nervous and excited about performing soon. "Wait!" Kate called out, "I can't get my dress on!" Kate was one of the principle dancers in the ballet production we were doing. "I'm. Until I met Santiago...I met Santiago online one night in a Gay chat room, as it turned out, I was in between girlfriends and found myself alone and on the internet. He described himself as alittle on the heavier side and ok looking, but really just a nice, average, normal Latino guy. You had to like the honesty.Santiago and I chatted alittle and I confessed that I had never been with a man, but was curious. 10 minutes turned into an hour, and talk turned from sex, to jobs, to interests and then back to sex again. He seemed like a great guy and we exchanged email addresses. In the days to follow, we talked and expressed feelings and desires. We even sent each other our pictures. When Santiago suggested we meet, I was hesitant, against it even. While it was fine and even fun to share things online, in person was out of the question. He wore me down though, after all, he was really cool. When he said whatever I wanted to do was ok, just hang out or just have sex or any combination of.
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