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But I will keep investigating. I have to know why now. If this isn’t normal for a mage to be able to do I have to know why I can.’ She nodded, her hair rustling quietly. ‘Be careful, Tre. There are lots of mages, especially among the older vampires who have ignored you until now, who will destroy you without a thought if they get even an inkling that you possess this… ability.’ ‘I know. I guess I will have to check with the Order and see what they can tell me.’ I sighed and rubbed my face tiredly before dropping my hands to the desk. ‘I know they are going to want me to come to the Motherhouse to be examined. I can’t do that right now though. But if I refuse, they will send someone to ‘escort’ me.’ A knock at the door surprised both of us. I looked out the window and saw a nondescript dark sedan parked in the road with the lights on. I took a quick look out with astral perception and then stood up, walking around the desk and, gesturing to Arianna to stay put, made my way out to the. Although Marlene had visited before she always dreaded having to enter through those imposing gates and steel doors. She sensed Trixie hesitating."It's okay -- really."Trixie returned a half smile which was obviously feigned. The two proceeded through the gates after a check of identification, checked their purses, and finally proceeded to the visiting room. Several tables were scattered about the large hall. A divider ran down the center of the table so there could be no physical contact. Folding chairs sat at either end."There he is!" smiled Marlene, pointing.Trixie was surprised to find the young man sitting at the table not only handsome but wearing a winning smile which immediately melted her heart. As the two approached and seated themselves, Marlene made the introduction."Spiker, this is Trixie." Well, well, well, where did you ever find such a lovely young thing?" grinned the inmate.Trixie looked down in embarrassment."Trixie is my best friend, so just cool it." Marlene.
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