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Unfortunately, I had arrived right at the time when the entire staff was preparing to make the move out of the city and I had to stay with them because they were my cover against the Gestapo.I am inserting a war front page from the New York Times for 9 April, 1940 to show the rapid unfolding of the Second World War and how if you just blinked you would miss a vital part of the puzzle that constituted the plan of the Third Reich to rule the world.NEW YORK TIMES HEADLINEThe headline of the New York Times on 9 April 1940 was a full eight columns of detailed news reporting on the startling invasion of both Denmark and Norway by Nazi Germany. The times had always been a favorite newspaper of mine in my New York days, but I was much too young to have been fortunate enough to actually read those bylines and stories about the developing chapters of the “European” war unfolding right in front of American eyes at the dinner table for the magnificent sum of three cents.One of the stories was. "No, that's okay. Marta will be there for me." "I mean for... warm company." Kyra and Celine have been bunking together on this trip and I'm sensing that both are quite happy with that. "Um, I won't be cold." Her eyes widen. "Marta?" "Sleep tight with Lini, Ky. No telling when you'll see her again." "You naughty girl." She's smiling. We're not supposed to get involved with our bodyguards, but our hearts want what they want. I crawl into bed and Marta asks whether I need privacy. "No, Love, I'm craving company tonight." "Good. I know that had to hurt." "It did but... it's the end of my rebirth. When I publish this story, the cat will be out of the bag, but by then, they won't know what to believe." She crawls under the covers with me and we snuggle. "You're tense, Love. Let me rub your back and neck." I roll onto my belly and she mounts my ass. It's a little awkward for her because we're on the bottom bunk of a double bunk set and she has to duck low to keep from rubbing against the.
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