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" We agree," responded the other Command Staffs."I'll tell Briana's Clan," said Tara."Once we have the calls behind us let's focus on getting our ships back in shape," said Rusty. "How about we meet right after breakfast to go over our status?" Aye," replied everyone."We need to get some rest, and make sure the crews rest as well," said Judy, Betsy and Kathy. Their comment caused chuckles."The best way we can do that," said Gail, "is lead by example." We were planning on working in shifts," responded Siobhan, "that way someone is always on the bridge."After the normal breakfast hour, Sarah's Clan said, "Good morning." Good morning." As you know we are running our morning meeting a bit differently today. While we do have a lot of repairs to make, we thought we should give you an update on who those people were and our casualties."There were 323 people injured and 27 of those are critical. Unfortunately, 10 of the family have died. We will have a memorial service for them in a few days.. Norman told me ahead of time that I was to give the quiet image. Don't be seen dating any stars or being in the limelight. As he mentioned I wasn't a speaker or really an actor. My main attribute was my looks. A very lean but yet muscular body. The cleaner my image the more he could sell me.Don't get me wrong here. Norman was a brain when it came to advertising. He didn't say I couldn't date, have sex with the ladies or all in all, just have fun. He just told me to be very discreet.Being a model was really hard work. I know it might be hard to believe but I usually worked on photo shoots up to twelve hours a day. I made sure I hit the gym at least three day a week so I could keep my body in good shape.A little about my sex life. I did as Norman mentioned and kept a low profile. I guess you could say I was the pretty boy in the background but it paid extremely well. I had sex at least four times a week. If people knew how many movie stars I had sex with, and especially who they were,.
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