Erotic Navel Licking Session Of A Hot Desi Chick

The bed sheet was undoubtedly soaked where I sat. "Good girl... but that's enough words for now." He went on, "Medium vibrator in your mouth, now." His deep voice sent a chill down my spine. Robert knew what I needed. As a news reporter for the local public radio station, my voice is my power. I have a smooth easy cadence, which can turn from professional to lighthearted to sexy at my whim. It is the voice of a grown, intelligent woman. The first time he took my voice from me, I don't think either of us realized how profound the effect would be. I felt more raw, naked and vulnerable than I ever had. It became for us the most effective means of bondage he could offer over the telephone. "Clothespins... get two. One on each nipple, quick." I released the springs of the clips on to my tender nipples, feeling the tight pinch squeeze the sensitive flesh waking them up and causing my cunt to squeeze involuntarily. At first the pain was so acute that I caught my breath, but then it. She knelt and pushed his shorts down just enough to free his growing penis. She sucked him as deeply as she could. Then she stood and kissed him again. While continuing to stroke his erection, she whispered, “You said you stopped seeing any other women on the day we met. Why did you do that?”Kyle suddenly feared this could go horribly wrong. “Um, because I wanted to marry you.”She squeezed his dick. “Liar. You didn’t want to marry me until you knew I was a virgin. On that first day when you first saw me, what did you want to do to me?” She squeezed a little tighter as she kept stroking him. “What did you want to do to me that made you stop seeing other women?”“Fuck you. I so desperately wanted to fuck you.”“Ahh, that’s it. You wanted to fuck me. And what made you stop seeing other women?”“I wanted to fuck you, and only you.”Lori let go of Kyle’s dick, perched herself on the jetty handrail, lifted her dress and spread her legs. “So, fuck me. Fuck me like you wanted to that day. Fuck.
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