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Whispering, Tim the photographer, tells Anthony to rearrange her top so a bit of nipple can be seen. Maggie overhears him and feels excited she expects Anthony to pull her basque down at the front to uncover a little of her nipple outer, but she freezes in shock as after standing behind her he slides his hand down the tight front of the basque to the underside of her bosom and forces it upwards to half expose first her left nipple then the right. Although she was very embarrassed by this rude touching of her breasts, she is too shocked and excited to object. No worries ducks, we do this all the time. Tim reassures her. She just flushes up as Anthony manhandles her breasts several times to change the amount of nipple showing until they have many good photos of her naked nipples. The shutter sound is turned off so Maggie has no idea how many shots of Anthonys hands manipulating her breasts are taken. He can see from her face she is enjoying being handled and gets bolder and gropes her. She must be dreaming this! Her recent fantasies had made her sleeping mind conjure up this grim vision. In a few minutes she would wake up.A man appeared. He was large, he was bearded and he was holding a leather whip. A five bladed Slave Whip! A whip designed to cause pain but not leave permanent marks. A whip to punish but not reduce the value of precious merchandise. The Man walked up and down the row of terrified women. He used the whip well on each, bringing all out of their drug induced sleep and making them alive to their new reduced and hopeless circumstances.Francine felt her body stirring in a new and exciting way as the leather cracked against her fair white and flawless flesh. Her blood ran through her veins with fiery warming fury. But she was still scared. She knew now, as the leather turned her marble whiteness to an angry red, that her wish had been granted and was not quite as pleased as she had thought she would be! She hadn't reckoned on this awful heat and dust.
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