My Driver And His Topless Wife

The time was 10:30 pm and we switched on the AC in the hall because it was getting hot as we closed the doors and windows.At 10:35, there was a power cut and it’s stopped running.Only the fans and lights were working with the inverter.We were sweating like hell.Babita aunty was wearing a bare back and she didn’t show many signs on the upper back but Saumya aunty was sweating like hell.We sat on the sofa and Saumya aunty was mumbling in herself abusing the Chennai weather and power cuts.Babita aunty also agreed with her.Both of them took their phallus off their chest and started wiping their sweat on their face, cleavage and their navels slowly.They were fanning with their pallus.Even I was getting sweaty and removed my shirt and my pant.I had my boxers and a t shirt on.While I was removing, Saumya aunty said “Babi, even I want to remove my blouse and set my boobs free dear.” to which Babita aunty replied,” Ya Ya, let’s remove and show them to Jai”, but the stupid lady replied, “what. I closed my eyes as her hands wrapped itself around my dick again rising to the occasion.Her tight grip was warm around my David's lips which just a few days ago, wrapped around my cock. His mouth was so wet as he licked the crown, his mouth moving up and down on my shaft as he cupped my balls in his hands. I remember looking down, occasionally he would look up, his eyes staring into mine, the little gold rings in his nipples shining as his chest moved up and down.I had let two men fuck me in the ass but I had never fucked another man but I knew I wanted my first to be David. I wanted to bury my dick up his ass, feeling his warm cheeks pushing back against my cock as I reach around and pull on his nipples. Toying with the rings which decorated his tits.Like Mark, I wanted to stick my dick into him without a condom, shooting my sperm deep into his belly. I wanted to lie beside him as my sperm slipped out of his ass while we kissed." really did need to come," Ann's.
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