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She was not feeling particularly charitable toward him, having heard how he reacted to his wife's infidelity. Though his reaction was perhaps understandable, she felt he deserved a little shock therapy."I don't know how to make this any easier, so I will just say it," Julia began. "Last night, Andy and his sister rescued Andrea from a situation of forced prostitution. She is now in the hospital being treated for drug withdrawal."Warren's reaction was at least encouraging to Julia. He looked like he had suffered a stroke for several seconds. He went absolutely rigid and his face lost all color. His first movements where his eyes darting back and forth between his two visitors. That went on for nearly half a minute, as if he was trying to decide if they were pulling some kind of joke on him."P... prostitution? H... how?" Andy told him the story, starting with how he knew Andi. He went into great detail and talked for about twenty minutes."So, sh... she was already on drugs?" Warren. They sit down in a shady spot to catch their breath and watch the setting sun. He faces her. She looks up to him. He says something to her. She blushes and lowers her eyes. He takes her face in his hands and kisses her tenderly on the lips. She closes her eyes, enjoying his tender show of affection.He gets bolder. He kisses her harder and more passionately. Oh, what is he doing she thinks. Why is he is trying to force his tongue into my mouth? At first she resists but when their tongues meet. She likes it. They kiss wildly sucking each other's tongues and lips.She feels his hand on her small mounts, tenderly caressing and squeezing them. No, no he shouldn't do that I must stop him, but it feels so nice. Stop him. Stop him now says her mind. Let him continue what harm he can do. It feels so nice counters her body. I will stop him when the right time comes, she promises herself.He presses her down on her back. They lie kissing. She savoring the new feelings with her eyes.
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