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. I appreciate the gesture."Q'kollan slowly smiled and clasped Katla's arm. "Good luck to you, and I fully expect to see you back in the Guild Hall by this afternoon safe and sound."Katla smiled back, but her eyes misted. She fought back tears and clasped his arm in return, then watched as he joined the others. This was her last chance to back down. Once the Portal closed, the next one would not open until summoned with her focusing pearl. It would be a special Portal, adjusted to allow it to operate better in the interference generated after Katla triggered the cascade."Now or never," she whispered as the line of Mages was down to the last, Q'kollan himself. Her heart pounded as he paused, looked back at her, and finally stepped through. A breath later, the Portal closed with a resounding boom.Katla felt her insides unclench. She had made her decision. The agony of the moment had passed. She approached the Mages still working on the device. "All right, let's see how quickly we can. So, let’s get startedHOW I LOST MY VIRGINITY – PART I First let me tell you about myself. I’m a 23 year old engineer, good looking and a slim person. I’m 5’9″and my cock size is 7 inches long.This is the story of how I lost my virginity. This happened to be about 7 years ago, during my tenth standard vacation. I have had sex a lot lately, but your first sex, the one in which you lose your virginity, is always special. Even thinking about it gives me chill.Both my parents are employed. Father works in a bank while mom is a teacher. This is the story of how I had sex with my mother’s best friend. This friend of my mom, her name is Suja, is also a teacher and around 40 years old. She is married and lives happily, but they don’t have any kids as she is sterile. They are our family friends.During my tenth vacation, it was the time I came to know about porn films. I had started watching it just a few months back. Since, my mom teaches in 12th standard, she had special classes during.
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