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"I was remarking that it's really quite important to know one's neighbors, even in the best of neighborhoods. Sometimes you need a hand around the house, and you never know just who the person next door will turn out to be." I nodded at that; then put my hands up against my temples to steady my head. "Is something wrong?" she asked with some concern. I mumbled something about the tea being too strong, I thought. She offered to let me lie down on her couch if I needed, but I declined. "It's okay, I've taken up so much of your morning already. I'll just be toddling on back..." I tried standing up, and my headache got seriously worse. I stumbled, and she took my arm in a surprisingly strong grip. "No, no I must insist," she said overriding my objections. "You're in no condition right now." I followed her meekly to the drawing room, and she helped me lie back on the couch. "I'll just leave the lights off, now, and you can come find me when you're feeling better." . She sort of simply came to my attention. There was nothing spectacular about her - pretty rather than beautiful, maybe a bit taller than average, and not looking particularly good in those awful plastic glasses you have to wear to keep stuff out of your eyes.She didn't even notice me, directly opposite her at the lab bench. She was concentrating on what she was doing. I, on the other hand, found these sorts of practicals far too easy, so my attention frequently wandered. Basically, all you had to do was get stuff mixed in the right proportions, carry out procedures, and produce the right, purified compound at the end. I'd studied hard before I joined my course, and I could have done the experiments with my eyes shut.Hannah (that was her name) carried on oblivious. Now I'd started to look at her, I started to notice her body. She wasn't slim, but she was the right side of voluptuous. Her breasts made a nice rounded shape under the lab coat and, when she turned round, I could see how.
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