Chennai Tamil Girl Sufuna 3

Megan was the first to move and without taking her eyes of Oskar’s cum-covered glossy black cock (the first she’d ever seen) walked toward the sofa and held out the package containing the dildo. “Thank you for having me,” she said in a slightly robotic voice. “We’ve had a nice time; I’ve washed the thing. It was fun but Mum will be wondering where I’m at so I best be getting home” With that she offered the box.Simone who still had evidence of sperm in her hair shook her head, “No, silly girl, that’s a present for you. Everyone needs a special friend from time-to-time. Enjoy,” she said with a smile. “I’m glad you had a good time up there; we certainly have down here.” Megan mouthed a thank you and reluctantly tearing her gaze from Oskar turned to rejoin Chloe who was waiting to see her to the front door. “Oh, almost forgot to ask … ,” Simone called out. “…. is your mother still looking for a job?” Megan nodded, “I think so.”“Tell her that Rhino will soon be recruiting for customer. Instead of the fierce hand-to-hand combat he half-expected, four shots coughed as one from the girls' silenced weapons, each of the three enemy taking one bullet, except Xiu, who was hit twice. Two more shots in quick succession and Jin and Jing too, were struck again. The bodies of the three would-be assassins fell to the ground, lifeless.We have learned our lesson about fighting assassins, Darren, Jun told him. Never again will we jeopardize a mission or the lives of those who depend on us as we did in Salzburg. (See Bodyguards II)Liam shot a soldier who had managed to dig his way through the rubble of a collapsed tunnel as Jun collected the unconscious form of Xue from its hiding place.Signalling to Liam, Darren told the girls, We'd better get moving. The guards have gotten back to the barracks and will be boiling out of the compound before long.Darren caught up with the girls as they loaded their prisoner into the Land Cruiser. They tossed Xue unceremoniously into the middle.
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