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I didn't lie. If anything I understated your value. You have already significantly changed the margin on this project."Bill went on to explain to Susan that margin was only profit at the end of a project. Margin at the beginning of a project was only the margin of error available before he had to start paying the customer to do the job. He hadn't paid a customer to do a job yet so he wasn't real worried about that. He did explain in detail how much time Susan had saved him and time was money in his business. The project was priced as if everything and everyone was coming from Phoenix. Any man power or equipment that could be procured locally would only increase the margin and Susan had already helped with that and Bill was certain she would contribute more as the project progressed.Bill and Susan had a very busy day after leaving the courthouse. Project plans had to be updated. Local hiring resources were identified and contacted. Equipment leasing companies were contacted and sent a. “I guess I’ll pin my hopes on being a sex maniac.”Joe and Celia laughed too.When the three finally arrived at the carousels to get their bags Liang and Joanne greeted them. Hugs and kisses between husband and wives, and introduction of Jane. “Esther will be with you tonight,” Liang told Joe.“Is she okay?” Joe asked. Her trip home on the Mary Jane had been rough. Heavy winds and heavy waves, the sky and ocean both inundating the deck, so that it was hard to know if it was salty or fresh water that kept face and slicker constantly wet. Probably both. And the intense rocking had brought on sea sickness, something Essie rarely had. Laid out in the captain’s cabin suffering nausea for an unbearable length of time, she decided to do something about it. Dressed in layers of clothing, something she’d learned growing up in Minnesota, with water repelling fabric over it, pants and a slicker that left only hands and face exposed, she basically climbed her way to the pilot’s cabin, surprising.
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