. that must mean, ‘Sunrise Sunset.” Eventually, it was finally quiet enough to start.We snapped to close, Claire gave me a kiss and we started to dance. It was so quiet now, you could hear our feet slide across the floor, our spins felt effortless and our promenades were perfectly together. The crowd wasn’t making any sound either. I could hear a few faint whispers, people trying to be quiet, so others could enjoy us dancing.Our waltz was our favorite of all dances we had learned so far and this one was no different. Annie had recorded it for us and had played it as perfectly as she had our first competition.The end of the music was near, and I added a Double Reverse Spin, which we had never done before in a competition, but Claire handled it like a professional. The music was over, and we were through dancing.You may have heard stories of people who were caught in the eye of a hurricane and they would tell you it was peaceful, but they knew that one hell of a storm was just moments. Shabnam said do u have any cream. I said yes.We all were naked brother asked which position would you like? Doggy or on your back. I said on my back first. Shabnam took the cream rub it on brother’s dick and rub cream in my pussy although it was real wet. Shabnam told me to spread my legs apart and told brother to get between my legs. brother did just that and put the head on my pussy. He looked in my eyes and I gave him go ahead and push it in. He pushed his dick in slowly. As the head started to go in it started to hurt me. Shabnam was rubbing my clit to excite me. brother started to push more and more. He stopped at the shield. I said what is the problem now? brother said any more push will break the seal. brother was wearing condom. I asked him to push harder. He did pull back then he pushed harder. I yelled out loud It hurt me lot. He stops moving his dick in me. Shabnam told me to breathe deep. In few seconds the pain was less. HE did not move his dick for about a minute..
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