Penish Hungry

Finally, I said, “come on, let’s take a walk.” I paid the tab and we wandered out into the hotel lobby. I was absolutely bursting out of my pants and had to find a way to play more with my horny little whore.I lead us down a hallway on the first floor and Bree asked, “so…tell me.” “Tell you what?” I asked. “Precum??” I laughed….”ohhh yesss”…to which she replied with a whimper, a squeeze of my hand and stopped me dead in the hallway for a deep kiss and a probe of my cock to see if she could feel the moisture through my slacks. We laughed, nervously, again…and I wondered if those poor folks in the lobby had seen our latest display.The next 60 seconds was a blur. I was on a mission and we seemed to nearly run down the hall looking for someplace �" any place for some privacy.Finally I spotted a hallway that lead to the outdoor swimming pool. It was the vending area and just past the ice machine…a small alcove gave us a tiny corner to ourselves �" literally under the stairs.We spun. Speeding up, in short time I had my steel rod hammering in and out, my hips moving in a blur. Her ass smacking into my hips accompanied by her cries and moans of pleasure, created a wonderful sound to enjoy. I reached up and took a handful of her hair in my hand.Yanking back hard arched her back even more and she let out a blood-curdling scream. “Fuck, fuck, yes. Pound my pussy. Don't stop. I'm gonna... Ahhh!”I felt her walls contract around me as I pounded away. Ms. Carlson screamed and wailed with pleasure from another powerful orgasm. Her effects were taking a toll on me and soon I felt that all too familiar itch coming from deep inside my groin.I slowed myself down and pulled out with a wet pop. Ms. Carlson collapsed onto the bed, lying face down. We didn’t say anything for several long seconds. Finally, she managed to roll herself onto her back.Making eye contact with me, she gave a gasp at the sight of my raging hardness. “You didn’t cum yet?”“I almost did, but I held off.”We.
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