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Each person will have to carry their own food and the weapons needed.Malcolm Bennett is riding along with the local commanders of the force protecting the mine relief column, one leads the mounted soldiers and the other commands the foot soldiers in the wagons. Their scouts reported a patrol of about twenty men shadowing them for the last five days, but they keep well back and evade any attempt to attack them. All three of the leaders read this as them waiting for more support. So do their troops, so for the last five days they’ve all been on edge while waiting to be hit.To make things harder for the Shiloh troops they always camp in wide open areas with pickets well out, even if it means camping early for the day. This puts them a little behind their original schedule, but they feel safety is more important than speed.Today they’re camping earlier than usual as there’s a point where the trail runs close to some forests not that far away and they see that as a possible ambush point.. ", repeated the young Kyest. The Captain considered carefully. "I'll be indisposed, keep me posted, and you have the bridge." The CO left the bridge in an awful hurry, leaving the NavCom wondering exactly what was going on in her head. Sherba crawled of the navigator's console, which required you to lay on your stomach facing the dome, and crawled into the CO's seat, not an unfamiliar place to be sitting, as she had taken the bridge many times, and surely this would not be the last. She thought that if she squinted just enough, just maybe, she could see a NavCom laying there, telling her coordinates and course layouts, rather than it just being her empty station.********* Captain Delradier keyed open her berth's hatch, the only separate berthing on board, and stepped inside, feeling the weight of sleep crushing in on her brain. The door slipped shut behind her, and she peeled off the leather and denim uniform and stretched, scratching her ribs in elation. She posed in front of the.
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