Bhabhi Ne Jor Jor Se Lund Choosa

We finished our coffees and I said I needed a shower before breakfast. I headed to the bathroom, stripped and got under the cascading water, lost in my thoughts. Suddenly, I heard Jayne’s voice. ‘Are you thinking about the guy you were with, or what Fem and I were up to?’ As my thoughts cleared, I realised I was masturbating and she had caught me. I pulled my fingers from my pussy and shot her a sheepish look. If only she knew exactly what I had been thinking. She dropped her robe and walked into the large shower cubicle. Nothing new there, we showered together quite often, but now she moved towards me. ‘Don’t stop on my account,’ Jayne said, ‘I was rather enjoying the show.’ I was taken aback and gave her another coy look, trying to cover my embarrassment. ‘Oh my God!’ she said. ‘You weren’t thinking about either, were you? You were thinking about you and me doing it!’ It was as if she had read my thoughts and, as if to confirm the fact, she continued, ‘I have always been able. Seema ne saadi pehan rakhi thi. Main dekh ke hairan ho gaya meri biwi saadi kabhi nahi pehnti thi. Woh ander aayi Abdul ne darwaza lock kiya aur meri biwi ko apni baho main jakad liya. Aur uski kamar aur pet par haath pherne laga. Meri biwi ghabrayi hui thi.Abdul ne kaha, “Kya baat hai, ek dam sexy housewife lag rahi ho. Mujhe timhari nabhi dekhni hai.” Usne Seema ki saree thodi niche kar di jisse meri biwi ki nabhi dikhne lagi. Phir Abdul ne usspe kiss kiya. Aur gand pe thappad mar ke bola ki jao ander bedroom main jao main abhi aa raha hoon.Meri biwi bedroom main chali gayi. Woh Seema ki gaand dekh raha tha. Main samajh gaya ki aaj meri biwi ki chudai ek dam solid hogi. Phir Abdul ander chala gaya. Usko dekh meri biwi khadi ho gayi. Woh Seema ke pass gaya aur bola ki kai mahino ka sapna aaj poora hoga.Meri biwi ne poocha woh kaise. Abdul ne kaha jiski pic dekh kar main apna lace jhadta tha aaj asli main uski chut main apna lace jhadoonga. Ye sun kar meri biwi sharma gayi. Abdul ne.
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