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Not knowing how quite to react I just thanked her and went to my seat. I was very impressed at the dish as they served Salmon with Brown Sugar and Mustard Glaze accompanied by a Citrus Salad.Like Rachael Ray would say…Yum-O!Watching Taylor walk back to our seat she just looked mesmerizing. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and by the looks of it no one else could either. There were head turns from both men and women alike. Sitting down next to me she gave me a warm smile then kiss on the cheek.“You’re glowing” I said.“That’s what happens when you get that good D!” she joked.I put my hand to my forehead, laughed and shook my head.“What I say? It’s true” Taylor leaned in and whispered.“You’re crazy” I laughed.“I know. Let’s eat I’m famished” she replied. After finishing our meal, we decided to get some rest because were tired and we did have a few more hours to go before we landed. Taylor got the covers and snuggled up against me drifting off to sleep instantly. I gave her a quick kiss. I walked toward Abby to say something about it, yet before I could get to her she turned and walked away from me. Abby spent the bulk of her time leaning against the wall glaring at us. I think that she was a little mad about the fact Sara was spending all her time with us. We were having such a good time that it never occurred to me that the whole thing could turn in an instant. When we first got there that night and the slow dances came on Ash was a little shy and would dance with me with a gap between us. By the end of the evening we were dancing like a couple. She had her arms around my neck and I had pulled her close with my arms around her back. It was really nice dancing with her, it felt comfortable. I liked the feel of her cheek on mine and the smell of her hair. I fell in love with her in that moment. She may have been 13 but she was one of the most wonderful girls I had ever known. This too was a different kind of love then I had felt before. My heart always belonged to.
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