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Ignoring the fiery bite of the tight cord (Phyllisand I were going to go out tomorrow, it was Sunday - it would be warm and Iknew I would be wearing heavy hose to cover the rope burns) I used a lock tosecure one end of the chain to my ankle cuffs and in a redundant mood alsolocking the cuffs together.Now I picked-up the harness (Phyllis hasn't seen thisitem). Pulling it over my head, I then unpinned my dress, allowing the skirt tofall where it wanted (I AM NO LADY WHEN I PLAY BONDAGE GAMES) and secured theharness. First I snugly laced shut a 3-inch collar of thin deerskin. Hangingfrom the back of this was a 4-inch wide strap. In the front hung a 1-inch widestrap running from collar to my waist.. Riveted to the straps were 4 straps,each one was 2-inches wide -- one that would go around my torso above mybreasts, one below my breasts, one just below my ribs and one around my waist.I quickly buckled the straps, slipping a small "poodle" lock throughthe tongue in each buckle. This harness. I'm sure she will talk to you about it later." Sam said as she stood up. "Does mom have anything in the fridge, I got hungry on the walk over here and I don't have any money." There is some pie left over that I made yesterday before going over to Carly's." Melanie told her as Sam made her way into the kitchen.Sam came back a couple of minutes later with the pie in her hands and her mouth full. "So when are you meeting Carly at the Groovy Smoothie?" She asked."Sometime today. She is supposed to text me." Melanie said, checking her phone to make sure that Carly hadn't texted her."Oh." Sam said as she took another bite of pie. While she chewed she thought about what Carly had said and what Carly was going to say to Melanie. She wanted to keep quiet. It was none of her business. She couldn't just let her s*ster go in there blind. Sam swallowed the pie in her mouth and sat down the pie in her hands and sat back down next to Melanie."Look I'm going to tell you this because I think you.
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