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. I’ve had a crush on you for so long, but now you have a cock so it’s not a sin. Well, not as much of a sin since we’re not married.”“Uh, maybe this is a bad idea.” Married? We were still in high school.“No, please, I’m just saying, I want to be with you. Date you, I guess, and ... Well...” She leaned in. “I know I won’t be able to resist you, and I’m going insane. I know school isn’t the most romantic place, but I just can’t wait. You’ve driven me mad.”“Sorry,” I muttered.She hooked my arm. “You know how to apologize.”I blushed and nodded, my futa-dick hard in my panties.She led me through the hallway, just two friends holding arms. Nothing special. I hoped. I felt everyone was looking at us as we moved against the flow heading to the cafeteria. I shuddered and then blinked when I spotted my little sister giving us a speculative look. I swallowed when she grinned and winked.Then she followed us.I felt Allie a few paces behind us, my cheeks burning. My new futa-cock had me so. We are unaffected by what happens on the ground. But … and it is hard to explain … it is as if we were directed to assist you.”“Directed? By who, what?”“We don’t know. As I said, it is hard to explain. But that is why we come to you. We also know who you are. Not by name but by reputation. It is you who we were directed to.”I can’t figure out what this means. “I don’t understand this. But thank you. This is important information. Is there anything else we should know about the people on the plains and the cages?”“Yes, most of the people have left and only four remain with the cages. The others have gone off in two different directions.”“Only four remain. Interesting. Thank you.”The eagles fly off. I call everyone together to discuss the new information. I suggest that this is the very reason we have come here. The new people taking captive and killing. I ask Thunner and Holden to carefully investigate and determine if we can rescue those in the cages.Their return brings information I.
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