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The King smiled also"Good, good, I knew you were smarter than you looked. I always said that to anyone who would listen. Well let me get back to the ball before all the best bed mates are taken," said the king as he waved his hand and Aric knew he was dismissed."What happened?" asked Aaron when Aric came back into his office."Well the buffoon couldn't even keep Andrea's name straight. He called her Anita. It was pretty clear his only real concern was to get me be his son's friend again. Is he really that hard up for friends?"Aaron sighed and said "Yes he is. Every friend he's ever had, he's eventually done what he did to you to them. It's safe to say he doesn't know how to keep a friend to, pardon the pun, save his life."At that comment both of them broke out in a laugh."Well I got him to laugh some, the road back will be hard, but that first laugh about his problems is the first step to recovery," thought Aaron."Are you still leaving?" asked Aaron. "I'm hearing the King made you a. " Saul says in a delighted voice. "you really pissed Napoleon off, You got Nim to speak against him and Melville can't decide whether to strangle you or kiss you." I do not care what Melville does. I know I would rather have you kiss me." He stops mid-stride and pulls me into a bear hug, that ends in a passionate kiss."I see that you two are getting a lot of note taking done." Nimrod says in a dry voice as he comes up behind us.Saul doesn't even look up as he says. "I missed her, I think I should get to give her a kiss anytime she asks for one." Agreed." Nimrod beams at us."You could help us with my notes." I give Nimrod my coy smile.He shakes his head and says. "We would have to go home for that." Then he gives us a smirk and closes the distance, I can feel the heat of his hand on my back as he rubs my shoulder. I have to shiver when I get those wonderful tingles."We could do that too." I like the way this man thinks.We head back to our cottage. Maybe we are a little more cuddly than.
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