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Then with her knees locked, she put her hands flat on the floor. She went back up, rotated, and did it again. This time she spread her legs a bit and looked between her legs at her audience. This turned into a handstand where she walked on her hands a few steps. Then quickly down on the floor with her legs spread out 180.Her legs came together and before anyone could see what she was doing got on her belly, lifted both her arms and legs and grabbed her ankles with her hands, and pulled her feet until they touched her head. [Extreme version of the Bow Pose.] She rocked back and forth a bit and stood. She kicked one leg high and caught it with her hand pulling her foot over her head. Then she did the same with the other leg.She started a squat then put her hands behind her back. Her entire body rose such that her pussy was almost her highest point. She then walked her feet closer to her hands. [Wheel Pose, rather tighter than most can do.]She quickly climbed about two-thirds of the way. It is obvious that you are intelligent and I have to wonder if that means you are smart enough to tell me exactly what I wished to hear.”“I am that smart,” Lucretia admitted. “The truth is, I’ve always known I would wind up living off my body. I would be married off to some old man my father owed a debt to or captured by whatever group overran the city and used for sport. I accept my fate as you have determined it because I never expected anything more.”“Then you are smart enough to accept that I cannot exempt you from the sentence I have given your family,” Joseph said.“I cannot accept that!” Amelia cried as she jumped to her feet.“Mother,” Victoria said urgently as she tried to pull her mother down. Amelia pulled free and moved toward Joseph.“What would you have me do, Amelia?” Joseph asked, also rising. He didn’t think Amelia would attack him physically but he wanted to be prepared just in case. “You asked me to compare Lucretia’s situation with the one I found in Wellington. I.
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