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If it happened, I could only trust that you had done something to ensure my safety while I was being used."Because I trusted you with that control, then it was my duty to follow your instructions regarding how I dressed, and whether my legs are spread when I sit down. If you decide that I should have an orgasm in this club, then so be it. I have given that control to you, so your wish is my command in any sexual matter."Moving from that level of control to becoming a 'gym slave' was kind of the next natural step. I knew from our discussions that being a submissive and being a slave were two very different things. I wanted to see the difference for myself, and I realized that using the gym as the only place where I am a slave made it a very safe location to explore that side of my sexuality, and my psyche. I know that there may be other people in the gym who will see me as a slave, and may therefore get to use me as a slave. I accept that, because without that aspect, I will never. We were all still on ourfeet, so why did he say that? I wondered. "Municipal Court of and for theCity of Ovid is now in session, the Honorable Judge presiding."A man in a crisp black robe entered the room from behind the bench. Hewas a dignified man, striding with the confidence of a man who is incharge and knows it. He was tall, but not as tall as many on our team andappeared to be in good shape for his age, which I estimated to be low tomid fifties. His hair and beard were both neatly trimmed and brown withjust a touch of gray. He stopped at his seat, looking over at theofficer. "Thank you, Officer Mercer. Spectators may be seated."Did he mean us? There were no chairs for us, as we were before the bench.No one made a motion to sit anyway, and there were no spectators in thevisitor's gallery. Then if we weren't spectators, what were we?"Officer Mercer, will you read the charges, please?"We all stood there in an eerie silence, either too dumbfounded or toofrightened to open our.
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