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"If Tom thought that he would go limp yet, he was wrong, of course. Hearing his daughter ask him such things did wonders for the guy. Still, he was only semi-hard, and he definitely needed a break. He wasn't made of steel after all. Even so, having Shannon kiss him and ask him such favors kept him from returning entirely to normal, and his face was red for a bit. While they had agreed to such things in general, it wasn't everyday, or at least it hadn't been back when they were previously a family, for one's daughter to ask her father to spank and sodomize her. Well, this was what they had signed up for, and he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. This was a refreshing change, not a depressing one, and he was all for it."Sure, sweetie. I must say that I never expected to commit incest, but having done so, I don't ever want to go back to the way things were, do you?" Tom smiled at his daughter as they ate some more pizza and drank some more beer.The others had the munchies,. ‘If you want to go back for her I will come with you,’ Edge smirked at Talon. Venn grunted, ‘If Clove is alive, I don’t think she wants to be found.’ ‘I wasn’t talking about Clove,’ Edge chuckled and walked away whistling. Talon spent the next two days constantly reporting about the mission and what he had discovered about Clove’s mysterious disappearance as well as the rumours that pointed to the fact that she was still alive. The more he talked of Clove, the more he thought about the girl he had found wearing her jacket, and seeking out her brother in the clan forge. The young metal worker like his sister was good-natured and forgiving of those around him, rather than deriding the inept apprentices he had patiently shown them how to hone their skills to craft pieces of quality. His always present smile and a constant stream of jokes and laughter had changed the mood of the workers in the forge, and the workmanship coming from the apprentices began to improve almost immediately.
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