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She no longer was experiencing the dreaded effects of menopause that so many women experience as she was quite happy with her life now. Our sex life was a bit slower to react though. It took a little more time than we had hoped, but it began to come around once again. As the next few months passed my wife had dropped a number of pounds. She looked so much younger and quite a bit sexier than I had seen her in years. She began to wear clothes that she hadn’t worn in quite some time as her confidence soared to new levels. Our sex life was once again back to levels not seen in years. It had been almost six months since my wife started this great adventure and everything was going extremely well. Her sexual arousal had become so intense it was getting harder keeping her happy in the bedroom. Then suddenly disaster struck. I had been working outside one day in the yard when I suddenly hurt my back. I was told not to do anything physical for the next few months. My wife and I were. “Jen, How are you doing? That was pretty intense, but you did not drop the towel to indicate it was too much.” She looked relieved that I used her real name.“Kevin, I had no idea what it would feel like. When Mary was in me, it was physically intense, but when I felt your cock open me up even further, it was like you were fucking my mind. The sensations were overwhelming. I came right after you did, but I think you were already passed out. I screamed so loud, even the gag didn’t catch it all. Mary undid me and held me through the aftershocks. She told me that my orgasm told her that I was quickly becoming yours.” She paused and gathered some courage, “She’s right.” She put her head on my shoulder and began to shake. “Please forgive me for how we ended it before? I’ve been missing you, but that’s nothing to how I feel right now. You’ve found something in me, and shown it to me. It’s yours, I give it to you freely.”“Jen, that’s very flattering, but I told you I’m not looking for a.
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