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..”Turning to Kris, she said, “Okay, now let’s get it out on the table all the way this time. What is it about your background that keeps you from marrying Cam?”“The fact — and it is a fact — that I’ve been a prostitute virtually my whole life. How’s that for a reason? I’ve just finished spending eight years recovering from my past life and then learning how to really please a man in bed. Mother, I’m a whore!” Kris nearly screamed.“That reminds me...” Mom said thoughtfully. “There’s going to be a change around here.” With that she rose from the table, left the room and then returned with two very small plastic boxes in her hand. She gave one to Kris and the other to me.I looked at it and found it contained two small pink things. They looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite identify them. I looked at Mom with a question in my eyes.“They’re earplugs, turkey!” she said with a grin. “The fact is I’m a very noisy and foul-mouthed fuck ... And I like it that way! And I’m damned sick and tired. She collapsed on my chest and trembled until my limp cock slipped out of her. I held her tightly to me. I looked over at John and nodded. He got on the bed between my legs and ran his cock up and down her soaking cunt lips. Carol moaned. John got up on his arms and towered over Carol. He slowly slid his cock into her freshly fucked cunt.John groaned, "So fucking wet."He started to speed up his thrusts. Each inward push moved Carol up and down on my chest. I could feel her tits on my bare skin. I could feel Carol's body reacting to his fucking. It was as if both Carol and I were being fucked. I pulled her tightly to me and smothered her with kisses as she groaned into my mouth. John kept pushing deeper into Carol and she was responding and trembling. I got excited and my cock started to get hard again. John reached down and took my cock in his hand and put it into Carol's cunt. I thought: two cocks in one cunt, what a wonderful feeling for the three of us. People call.
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