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The pain was intense and my skin was covered with the marks of the bristle scrapes on me. Then they started on my legs too especially targeting my inner thighs. I fell on the slippery floor onto all fours and felt the shaft of one of the brooms being pushed into my exposed arse crack showing above the speedos. I swung my arm back to try to deflect the broom handle but the other guys dropped their brooms and grabbed me. I struggled but three against one was futile and they gripped me tightly so I was unable to move but a inch or two by struggling. I was on my knees held face down with my thighs pressed into my chest on the wet cold shower floor. I felt the wooden shaft again being pressed against my arse crack. I heard Vicky say “ Oh my god Joey is gonna stick the broom up him”.I tried to struggle frantically to escape but could hardly move a inch. I felt the wooden shaft being pushed down my arse crack and felt it pushing the speedos covering half my arse down as the shaft moved. “Stand up. You need to get a backbone that is as stiff as that cock of yours gets when you are looking at me!” she hissed quietly up into my face. She was only inches from me, and while I easily outweighed her by nearly 100 pounds and 8 inches in height, hers was the powerful presence and only the stone against my heels kept me from stepping back! “She wants a man! She wants YOU! She deserves more! You are going to learn from the bottom up, how to take charge of your woman and how to be a man, even if I have to go back to my house, get the strap on and screw you both out here until the break of dawn! Do you understand?” “Yes. I understand. But what ….” “Shut up! You have no respect! My name is Molly. And when you answer me you say, ‘Yes, Molly’ or ‘No Molly.” I am in charge tonight. If you please me, maybe you can be in charge some other time. But you have forgotten how to feel, so I am going to awaken fires in you that you don’t think exist anymore. I am going to make passions.
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