My Sleeping Sister India

"No I mean you watch football, baseball?" I like football." Bubble butt, hut!"Yeah I watch it sometimes too."Before I knew it he was dr****g a towel around himself and I realized I forgot to undress myself. I quickly shedded the clothing.He gave an accidental glance then shielded his eyes. He made a face like "dude" and realized I got naked total, unabashed... then I covered myself up. Sorry unwritten dude manners rule. I wasn't a eighty year old man or else my dick would be allowed free floppage all over the place and probably out the door because people would think I was mad anyway.Just k**ding. I loved older men. Thirty and above. No limits beyond there. That and seeing a possible naked dude, I didn't see porn so I didn't know much of what another guy's wang really looked like besides my own, some movies, and diagrams from tenth grade high school.Oh well... and I wasn't gonna get the chance to see this guy's either because he just slipped his under-jockeys off, concealing the. The police will probably find the side entrance open on the ground floor in Spring Street." We'll send someone round Miss. Please do not try and confront the intruders, just wait until help arrives."Well that was that then.All he had to do was sit tight and all would be taken care of. Somehow that didn't make him feel that much more secure.He stuffed his suit and other clothes into a large "Fellows" carrier bag and set it down on the floor beside his desk."Just hold it for Christ's sake." muttered one of the intruders."But it's heavy. Maybe I should go at the front." I don't believe this. Alright, let's change places."Denis listened carefully. They appeared to be at the top of the stairs on his floor.He snuck out of his office and was pleased that he was only wearing stockings. Although it made the going a bit slippery, he could be completely silent."OW! Gerroffmefoot!" yelled one of the intruders."Will you shut up? If there was anyone here, they're sure to know we're here now." Does.
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