SB Episode 72 – Savita Loses Her Mojo

” It started. “Here we go again. That was embarrassing.” “Why was that embarrassing? Everyone has stalled a clutch once. It’s no big deal.” I comforted her. “My dad is teaching me to drive on a stick shift and I stalled it quite a few times. Don’t worry about it. “Yeah, I know, but still. Everyone is staring at you and waiting for you. It just sucks. I hate driving a stick. Stick SHIFT Brett. As in a truck with a clutch. Don’t get any ideas.” “Too late. You know me. You know that any teenage guy can turn anything said into a sexual desire at a moment’s notice. Sorry. I’ll calm my thoughts. We gotta get this shit done.” “Yeah, I want to get this done. My dad said he doesn’t need his truck back until tomorrow, but hopefully it won’t take that long.” “I hope not, we’re only moving you like five minutes away right?” “Yes, but that’s why I brought you. You can lift the heavy things since you’ve been working out so much. I also have a couple of friends helping me pack up and unpack when we. She stopped riding me and just sat on my dick till I started to get soft. As I got soft and started slipping out of her pussy, she put a finger down to her leaking cunt and got some of my cum on her finger. Then she put it in her mouth and sucked it off and said”Umm, your going to love this, will maybe you wont, but I sure will”Then she handed me the certificate and climbed up towards my face. “Look at it” she told me as she hovered over my face. “Please don’t make me do this,” I begged of her. She didn’t answer me, but she sat her cum filled pussy right on my mouth.“Just start sucking, suck all that nasty cum out of my sloppy cunt,” She said. She was so tickled with herself; I could hear her chuckling as I swallowed our combined juices. “That’s right, lick that cum up you cum sucker” I wasn’t sure what was worse, what I was doing or listening to her taunt me about it. And just think, I have 3 more of these certificates to use too. Then she rose up off my face and kept her pussy just.
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