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"Come in here, Bethany!" Carrie called."Is a wine cooler O.K.?" Lisa asked."Please," I said. I listened to my voice as I said this. For somereason, I had turned that one-syllable word, "please", into a two-syllable that sounded like a question, modifying a simple statementexpressing my wishes into a passive pleading. I looked down at the flatfront of my slacks and sighed."Bethany!" the other girls were calling"Are you sure you're O.K.?" Lisa asked again.I straightened up, threw my shoulders back, smiled, and was nodding whenI felt something being placed on my head. "Now you have to put thison," Ann Marie was telling me. I reached up and touched it. It was aplastic tiara. I went over to a mirror in the hallway to see howridiculous it looked.I was surprised. Adjusting the two small combs on either side, it slidon top of my head rather unobtrusively; it didn't even clash with myearrings. I turned around to see Ann Marie handing me a sash of my own.Like Lisa's, it was pink, and. Tony usually did two -- while Troy and Maureen talked, apparently -- and then he would let me slide for one or hand me off to Troy. Then he would sit one out and pull Maureen onto the floor for one and when Troy finished his three, Tony was rested...But I wasn't! Every time I sat, I had to pant and gasp and suck down a rum and coke to get some liquid in me -- and if I begged off Tony, he would take Maureen out and Troy would take me out the very next song for three again!I got hot, my legs got rubbery, and rum and cokes were flooding my system with alcohol; I had to lean on them and let them balance me and hold me up. That led to lips on my neck and hands just about everywhere -- and I wasn't complaining because I was aroused and becoming languid from exhaustion. "Hot, are you?" Troy asked. "Just do that thing you girls do where you tie a knot in your top and make it a midriff." When I opened my mouth to protest, he rolled his eyes and said, "Just do it," -- and I knew if I didn't,.
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