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" Then there was a slap that left her bottom stinging. She mewed nervously. Her protest brought no relief from the touching, instead, her stinging bottom was squeezed, before the hand glided over her bottom and down to her labia, his finger ran their length. "This sow's as ready as we are," he guffawed. "Probably heard all those stories about the ultimate fuck on the jessica," Bill chuckled, eliciting more guffaws. "Well, satisfaction is guaranteed," Jackson continued as Kimberly fruitlessly struggled, the fingers now pinching her sex lips. "I'm not that hungry, we can catch some lunch at our 2 o'clock break," the two men smiled at each other. "Sounds good," Jackson replied, as Kimberly heard some activity behind her. Then Jackson appeared in front of her. "Looks like today's your lucky day sow," he smirked down at her, pushing back his white work smock and undoing his pants. "You get an extra half an' hour." He pulled out a stinking, raging erection. Kimberly understood her role and. . With her not giving much attention to my body contact approach i presumed she also liked it.. one of them in fact suggested to keep a close watch on her tits – to c whether she was snatching it frequently when we were together or her nipples were bulging out…the reasoning on their part was she was 32+ and must be longing for a man’s feel over her body…I started to have my thoughts of having fore play with her and enjoyed every bit of interaction with her.. even her natural gestures appeared as sexual ones for me…during one of our purchase outings she was purchasing her inner garments…an idea flashed my mind and i bought a brief for me in identical plain brown color as her panties..Over the next week end, i said i would stay back at their house. The next day while going to take bath i pulled up her new brown panty…though it was a bit hard to wear it i managed to sneak it in.. After breakfast while she was at the neighbors place i fantasized having foreplay with her and ejected on her.
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