Mature Bhabhi Enjoys Home Sex With The Repair Boy

It took a moment for me to figure out what I had really heard. Sell me to you?… My brother? What? I was completely lost. Yes. Your brother. He wanted your mother back, so he tried to trade you for her. Unfortunately for him, he didnt know that you already belonged to me. So he put himself in some huge difficulties. He explained slowly and patiently. W-Who are you!? I asked completely perplexed. Im an old friend of your family. All of them had a little fetish for black magic and pacts, including your mother. He answered. As I simply stared at him in shock he continued. Your mother knew she couldnt made it when she got pregnant with you. It was really a shame. She had the same charm that you have. Being tiny and not calling any attention instantly, but once you noticed her… It was almost impossible not to fall for her. Thats why I made a deal with her. I would help with bringing you to life, as it was almost sure you would have the same fate as your mother, and you should be mine.. Then I felt a hand push my head back towards the pulsing staff. "Don't worry my dear, your turn's next", he said to her. Wifey just looked up at our living toy with doe eyes as she inhaled the love juices off her hand. He proceeded to fuck my face, then roughly pushed my head back off him. He asked my wife how he should take me. She instantly replied, "with him on fours and you straddling his butt." She always liked to do me that way, "so I can see your cockhead jammed in his man hole and your hairy balls colliding with his smaoothed ones." And so it was. If only to tease her he gradually see-sawed in and out of my asshole. I quickly became addicted to this as evident from the profuse perspiration dripping off my body. "Now you both face me so I can see hubby squirm", she exclaimed. This was no surprise as I used to set up a mirror at the end of our bed so she could see me get into her rutting. This was her chance to witness my being fucked while she relaxed in an easy chair for a.
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