Desi Bhabhi Masturbation

Then i remembered! The guy who i used to mess around with when we were k**s had grown into quite a sexy guy. I immediately sent him a text, which read only "wanna fuck." He immediately replied that he would and i went to his house, my cock dripping precut as i thought about his hard cock fucking my tight hole. when i arrived we went to his room and i immediately pulled his pants down. His soft, thick, long cock hung heavily over a pair of low hanging nuts. I knelt and began licking and sucking his cock, feeling it become engird inside my mouth, until he was rock hard and ready to ride me. I told him that i couldn't wait any longer and he went to get a condom. I told him that i trusted him and that he didn't need to wear one if he didn't want to. I knew it was risky but i couldn't help it. I needed to feel his seed inside me. First, he lay on the bed and i squatted over his huge cock, sliding it into my wet hole as both of us moaned in please. I slowly rode him,. " Oh but somebody did see you. There was a older woman sitting in her carthat saw you do everything in front of the headlights," she laughed.Mark was stunned for a moment."She had such a shocked look on her face Mark as she was watching youjerk off. You were great," she smiled at him."That's why I had you do an encore performance around the car. It was sofunny." she laughed out loud.Mark had no idea that Cindy was just making that part up. Humiliationfrom thinking you were seen is just as bad as actually being seen, butsafer. He had been brought out to experience public humiliation dressedas a woman and Cindy was making sure he was not disappointed, andenjoying herself at the same time. He was literally pushed to the edge onhis first trip out. Cindy would never reveal to him that nobody hadactually seen him doing those things at the car. He didn't need to knowas far as she was concerned.When they got home Cindy pulled into the garage and closed the door. Sheturned the ignition off and.
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