Bhut Hard

" I looked into her eyes. "That drives a girl wild, but she has to be built for it. You can't just slobber away down there. Above all You need need to be careful not to force anything up into her urethra. That's how infections get started." Is that how you do it?" Call me old-fashioned, but I think a woman is precious. It's essential to put her health and comfort first." I don't think that's old-fashioned, Phil. I think it's pretty modern. The world needs more men with your attitude, believe me. How do you know so much about this?" I was carefully instructed by an expert." Who was that?" Gwendolyn -- my ex-fiancée." Oh, Phil, you poor boy ... Did she leave you standing at the altar?" Not exactly, but she did run off ... with another woman." So THAT's how she became an expert ... She was bi-curious." She was more bi than curious," I replied, "much to my astonishment."Steffi giggled. "I would never do that. I don't go for girl-on-girl stuff. Sometimes a couple of us are asked to put on. . helps me get some exercise. And ... and I just wanted to, I guess."Gina flushed with guilt. She had refused to tell him the truth. He was an adult, a person in authority. She had no business withholding the truth from one.Victor turned towards her and leaned one elbow on the back of the bench, folding his hands in midair before him. "Really? Just because you wanted to?"Gina had to stop from cringing, as if he had caught her in the lie. "Yes. Is there ... is there anything wrong with that?" I guess it would depend on what your mother wants of you." Oh. She said it was okay," Gina replied, some of her guilt easing. "She gave me permission." Ah, I see. It is always good to be mindful of your elders, Gina, but I am sure that your mother already impressed that upon you."Gina nodded quickly. She felt more on even ground here now. And yet...And yet...A tiny smile tugged at one corner of Victor's mouth. "You know, Gina, I can read people very well."Gina shifted in her seat. "You can?" Yes..
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