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"You understand that it would have to be something I felt was beneficial for my client?" he asked."You have to understand that the prison is full of men who are desperate for something to be done on the outside. These are different things. Some are impossible to accomplish but some are not. Some of those men could accomplish what I need done just as well as your client." I said."Of course, it might be better if you sought those out," he said."Very well, in that case I will be sure that whoever does this thing for me, tells Mr. Garcia why he was not the one consulted. I would of course want him to know that it was not a lack of respect on my part. I would have to explain who put an end to our consultation." I smile and Eve and I stood to leave."You know what would happen?" he asked."Garcia would probably seek new counsel. How he chose to end his arrangement with you would probably depend on how much of a threat he perceived you to be," I said."What is to prevent me from having Garcia. At first she'd buriedher head in my shoulders, but finally she reached up with her face andkissed me full on the lips. Her lips were soft and tender. Their caresssoft and delicate. I found myself wanting to hold her and protect her fromeverything and anything. She looked deep into my eyes and whispered, "OhJohn!"I smiled at that. This was very different from holding and kissing Sam. InDarla's eyes I was all boy and I had to admit that felt good. I foundmyself more confused than I'd ever been about the role of gender inrelationships. I was beginning to come to the conclusion that gender assuch didn't matter, what mattered was how two people felt about eachother. Sam wanted me to be her "girl" and that was good and Darla wantedme to be her "man" and that was good too. Somehow, I didn't think life wasmeant to be this confusing."Darla," I whispered. "Yes John?" she inquired. "I think we really need to devote some time to studying."She smiled at that and considered me the practical one. I.
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