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Tammy stopped in most every day for at least a few minutes. Between her work and finishing her schooling she was a very busy woman.Whenever I asked her about the Players' Club she would clam up. I wanted to know more but I didn't want to push her away. She told me about the hospital and how she always wanted to be a doctor. Little by little she told me more and more about herself.Her parents were doctors at another hospital. She had two older brothers, one was a doctor and the other was a businessman. I love hearing her talk about herself. Maybe she was coming out of her shell. I wanted to know everything about her but knew better than to push it.I asked her what it took to become an anesthesiologist. She told me, "An anesthesiologist is a doctor, an MD, so they must attend the same schools and complete the same internship and residency requirements as any other doctor."I had to complete and pass four years of medical school after the undergraduate schooling (four years of college).. So the risk of someone recognizing me as the grandson of the Sorensen's was almost non-existent. At that time I was a young city boy who spent his summer holidays with his grandparents, now I was a man of twenty-six who looked fourtyAnd considering that my features have changed, in some way disfigured, with much gray in my beard and hair, the scar on my face and the strip of snow-white hair on my head and face, I thought I was fairly safe in my anonymity. To complete my disguise I needed to change my name, I elected John Van Nuys, The name of Melanie's son.One of my first concerns was to find accommodation in a town that because of its few inhabitants had no hotel. I remembered that just outside of town there was a small motel that catered mostly to hunters and fishermen in hunting or fishing season.So for the time being I made this place my residence site. In every small town, gossip is a way of life, and Clark Ford was no different in this regard. I, being a stranger was a subject.
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