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. Anything that wriggles or crawls ... If I can get one of them to crawl around on my skin, I get a little thrill ... More of a thrill than I’ve ever got from a man’s touch...” She pauses, her smile dropping to a pout, then returning, “I’m sorry love ... You know what I mean...”We cut to a closer shot as she continues to talk, holding her hands up as if a bug is crawling around on it. “I’ve played with bugs since I was a little girl ... Always liked them ... I never realised that it was a sexual thing – that didn’t even occur. You don’t link insects and sex, do you? Well, I never did ... Not until a we had been together for an awfully long time, and the kids had gone off to university, and we were looking for something fun and, erm, ‘kinky’, to do together, to put some spark back into our marriage...”Another camera angle, closer in, as she continues. “I was a bit shy to admit it to him, because even in my own head it seemed a little ridiculous ... But the first thing that came to mind. .lol…so the story is about me and friend’s elder sister,let me introduce my frnd and her friend is 23 years ,her name is Sneha….this story is about her elder sister niyati ,niyati is one girl you always wanna be with …she is 5’11 with nice curves…the body any male would love to play with . If u talk about her nature she is fun loving ..beautiful…and hats off to her intelligence …the incident happened 2 months ago..when I went to my home town bhopal…I met Sneha in a coffee shop …we were discussing the normal things and Sneha got a call from niyati…she spoke to her and said niyati wanna go shopping with her and if I could drop her to her house.I agreed…I drove to her house and I saw niyati waiting for her on her activa…I hadnt seen niyati for last 4 years…as I was in pune…she had grown beautifully..the moment she saw me she was happy and she asked me about my work …I told her that I m working in indore now my surprise she told me that she is also working in indore..she.
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